Aluminium clad windows

Popularity of aluminium clad window is still increasing because of many of their advantages:

  • protection of wooden surfaces exposed to the weather elements
  • large choice of shape variants
  • mechanikal or welded corner connection according to your choice
  • possibility of production atypical shapes of windows including arch windows
  • huge choice of colours and surface finishes - RAL collection colours, anodised aluminium surfaces, wood imitation
  • simple installation of aluminium profiles onto supporting wooden frames
  • good insulating properties allow using in passive or low energy houses


Photos in gallery are only for illustrative purposes. Regarding aluminium clad windows we only produce EURO 78 and EURO 92 types glazed by triple-pane glazing. We use GEMINI aluminium clad system produced by Polish company Aluron.

Aluminium clad windows - design variants

Aluminium clad windows

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